The Bucket Filler Store

Bucket Filler book

A Bucket Filler is someone who helps without being asked, gives support and compliments, and spreads kindness and good feelings to others. Bucket filling is a common act at PS 131Q, and one that does not go unrecognized! Students have the opportunity to become a bucket filler, and even earn Abigail Adams Bucks that can be used in our school bucket filler store.IMG_7906[6]

Use your Abigail Adams to purchase:

BF 2

Item Bucks Sale!!!
I’m A Bucket Filler Stickers 5 2
I’m A Bucket Filler Bookmark 10 5
I’m A Bucket Filler Sparkle Foil Pencil 15 10
I’m A Bucket Filler Silicone Bracelets 30 20
I’m A Bucket Filler Water Bottle 60 40
I’m A Bucket Filler T-Shirt 100 80

2 thoughts on “The Bucket Filler Store

  1. Hello! I’ve been in this school since kindergarten. The teachers, staff, principals, and students are wonderful. Being in this school changed my life. I’ve inspired to become a computer engineer by my favorite teacher, Mr. Poole. 😀 It was an honor to be in this school. It was very upsetting to graduate and move on but it was worth it!
    Thank you,
    Raisa Ahmed


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